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Plan Your Own Healdsburg Bike Vacation

Planning a Healdsburg Based Bike Vacation

Step 1- Secure your lodging

Northern Sonoma County offers an amazing variety of riding from casual vineyard rolls to challenging adventures. The Town of Healdsburg is ideally located to access these rides and is a wonderful small town to visit.

You can find a lot of great vacation rental options through VRBO and other websites or if your group prefers the convenience of a hotel we would suggest:

Value Lodging:  Dry Creek Inn

Boutique Inn Lodging: Camellia Inn

Luxury Contemporary Lodging: H2 Hotel

Step 2- Reserve your bikes

Bikes can be reserved by one organizer or by individual riders. If reserving individually we would still suggest an organizer give us a call to touch bases and confirm generally good availability for your dates. We will also schedule a time for your pick-up to ensure that we can be fully prepared to assist your group with fitting and information as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Bike information and reservations are available at our Bike Rentals page

To reserve bikes we will need:
Bike Choice
Bike Size
Rider Height
Pedal Choice

Bikes include spare tubes, pump or CO2 cartridges, tire levers and a folding tool set. At our touring center we’re happy to give you route suggestions, maps, suggest food stops and help you plan your day(s).

***For advanced rides you must be comfortable changing a flat tire and comfortable riding in some remote areas with minimal cell phone coverage.

Step 3- Plan Your Rides

This is the fun part!

You can find a bunch of our favorite rides on our Maps & Routes Page

Below are some suggestions for up to 5 Days of riding for various levels of riders:

For Intermediate Riders:

Coming soon...We're working on it!

For Advanced Riders:

This itinerary mixes some easier days with some of our more challenging (and spectacular!) rides.

Day 1: Lake Sonoma Overlook- This gives you a chance to warm up the legs after travel with a little climbing in 2-2.5 hrs.

Day2: Sonoma Coast -This is a long day in terms of difficulty and there is always more climbing to add if desired.

Day 3:Dry Creek & Alexander Valleys- Summer Bridge-this is still a longer ride but much flater.

Day 4:Geysers Road Loop- Difficulty level is similar and both offer amazing views. Check weather!

Day 5:West Sonoma County & Graton- Mainly flat to rolling with a few hills.


Free Advice & Things to consider:

Riding in a group

Usually when you’re riding in a group on a longer route there is a tendency for the group to split up at times over the duration of the day.  Re-grouping at key turns is a good idea and making sure each person in your group has a map, cue sheet and feels comfortable navigating independently.

Having good communication….We can’t express this point enough- pointing out road obstacles, calling out “car back” & “car up” when appropriate.  Ride single file. Know when someone in your group has fallen off the back and or are struggling.  

Good communication among your group, especially on some of the more remote roads in the area, will ensure a seamless, adventurous day you’ll always remember.

Know the ability of your group. Some of the more advanced rides have very difficult hills plus you often have to factor in temperatures.  If you do have a rider that is not compatible with the riding interests of the rest of the group they may want to plan doing a portion of the routes you plan.  This is feasible with most of our routes and we will be happy to assist you with suggestions.


Our detailed route descriptions provide some very important local knowledge such as areas you’ll need to use caution due to road hazards, higher traffic areas, heat issues and access to water and food.  Some of the more popular, adventurous roads have numerous potholes and steep, twisty descents and sometimes near the coast moss on the roads.

Make sure you carry a phone, money, food and plan water stops.


The micro climates here can be a real concern since some of the rides are remote and water stops are limited.  If we tell you to make sure you have enough water in certain areas please don’t take it lightly. We are experienced road cyclists and are very cautious about the dry desert like conditions here. Some of the canyons become very hot and the climbs are very exposed.

We advise to leave early in the morning during the summer months for a ride over 4hrs.  Two bottles of water is not enough on longer rides so make sure you pack a bottle in your jersey or plan a water stop. 

We’re happy to answer any questions about the routes you choose and what to expect regarding temperatures.

***If you’d like a point to point experience and like our help with luggage transfers and all the logistics- lodging, equipment, bike fitting, routes, road-side assistance and a pre-tour orientation- see our “Town to Town” Tours: