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Wine Country Bikes is pleased to announce that we have been selected an area Ride Ambassador for Sonoma County by Ride with GPS-Ambassador1 the best site on the web for planning and recording bike tours.  Just click on the links below to see our individual favorite Ambassador Routes or click the badge to the right to browse them all. From the Ride with GPS website you'll be able to print maps & cue sheets as well as download the routes to your GPS unit.

Moderate Rides

Much of these routes are on quiet roads with small rolling hills, although there may be some busier sections as noted in the route descriptions.  There are a few moderate hills which may be just a few hundred yards long and steep, or up to ½ mile- but then not steep.  The moderate rides are appropriate for physically fit people who do get some regular exercise and have some biking experience. Our Trek Verve 3 Hybrid or higher quality bikes are an excellent choice for these rides.

#1 recommended moderate ride:Riderbella1
Dry Creek Valley Out & Back

The perfect Wine Country Bike Ride- quiet roads, beautiful views, great wineries and a wonderful lunch stop. Starting in the Town of Headlsburg in northern Sonoma County, California this is always the first ride we recommend!

#2 recommended moderate ride:
Russian River Valley Loop

Great Wine Country Bike route from the Town of Healdsburg. Down the eastside and back up the westside of the Russian River Valley.

#3 recommended moderate ride:
Alexander Valley Loop

Explore the beautiful Alexander Valley from the Northern Sonoma County Town of Healdsburg. Classic Wine Country riding with small rolling hills, broad vineyard vistas, boutique wineries and great lunch spots.

Intermediate Rides

Much of these routes are on quiet roads with small rolling hills, although there may some busier sections as noted in the route descriptions.  There may be some moderate hills and some longer or more challenging hills as well.  Intermediate rides are appropriate for physically fit people who have cycling experience in various terrains and traffic conditions.  Our lightweight touring hybrid or high quality road bikes are good choices for these rides.

#1 recommended intermediate ride:Grnvalley
Lake Sonoma Overlook

Ahhh the perfect day trip for intermediate level riders - it combines our favorite casual ride in the Dry Creek Valley with a great climb to the Lake Sonoma Overlook. Roll through the valley, pick up a gourmet picnic lunch, get a little workout, take in some amazing vistas and visit a few wineries on the way home- how can you beat that?

#2 recommended intermediate ride:
West Sonoma County & Graton

Head down the East side of the Russian River Valley to the old apple country of Western Sonoma County. Stop for a great lunch in the little town of Graton and maybe a visit to Iron Horse Vineyards, before a beautiful return trip brings you back up the west side of the valley, past some of the best know Russian River wineries.

#3 recommended intermediate ride:
Dry Creek & Alexander Valleys

This is a favorite route for bike clubs and cyclists throughout the area- and with good reason. The quiet intimate scenes of small family run vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, combined with the beautiful broad vistas of the Alexander Valley, paint an unforgettable picture of the northern Sonoma County Wine Country.


Challenging Rides

HoldingbikeMuch of the riding is on quiet and remote country roads, although there may some busier sections as noted in the route descriptions.  They all include extended climbs, steep ups & downs and areas of poor road conditions- all of which make us love them even more.   Challenging rides are intended for experienced riders with good fitness who are comfortable riding in a variety of conditions and terrain. Our aluminum road bikes are appropriate for these rides although our carbon fiber bikes will be even better. 

Geysers Road Loop

57 miles- 4400 feet of climbing

This challenging and amazing ride starts with a roll along the vineyards of the Alexander Valley, follows Big Sulfer Creek climbing into the heart of the Mayacamas Mountains and finishes with a spectacular dive back into the Wine Country. Not for the unfit or faint of heart- adventure guaranteed.

Sweetwater Springs to the Redwoods

35 miles- 2400 feet of climbing

From the heart of the Sonoma Wine Country, over the shoulder of Mt. Jackson and into the deep of the Armstrong Redwood Forest; this is classic Northern California riding. Don't let the shorter distance fool you- this little road is packed with challenge and adventure!

Sonoma Coast

67 miles- 4100 feet of climbing

This might be the ultimate Sonoma County Adventure. From the Wine Country Town of Healdsburg you’ll roll through the vineyards of the inland valleys, climb the steep Coastal Range and descend to the crashing Pacific. After riding one of the most beautiful sections of the California Coast, you’ll follow the Russian River back inland as it winds its way through the Redwoods and back to Wine Country.

Pine Flat Road

45 miles- 3200 feet of climbing

Pine Flat is one of the most popular climbs in Sonoma County specifically because it's one of the more "gentle" climbs with 8 miles of 4-6% grades and great views! However, the final miles offer grades between 10-16%, so for those looking for more of a challenge ride the entire climb!

All Three Valleys

52 miles- 1900 feet of climbing

If you have one day to ride and want to ride 50 miles without a lot of climbing, this is the ride. The loop takes you through all three grape growing regions in northern Sonoma Valley. The terrain is flat to rolling on mostly newly paved roads mixed with some rougher sections- for a little local character.

Rockpile Road

51 miles- 3900 feet of climbing

Lake Sonoma is one of my favorite places in Sonoma County with vast rugged, endless wilderness. Rockpile Rd is the only public road that snakes along the ridge for 13 miles and comes to an end. On rare clear days the top offers views of the snow peaked Sierras. Very challenging ride but a ride that's all about panoramic views.


106 miles- 8700 feet of climbing

Often spoken of in reverently hushed tones or cursed in anguished cries, this is a ride that requires some planning, commitment and focus. The route appeals to so many true road riders because of the constant changing landscape and incredibly diverse beauty that is unique to Sonoma County. For very strong riders this is a 7 hour adventure and for the rest of us- well, just call it a really long day.

Need more help planning?

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