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Our Journey to Becoming the Premiere Biking, Hiking and Kayaking Experience Throughout Sonoma and Napa Valley

Getaway Adventures started as an accidental business. It all started when I, Randy Johnson, founder and owner, blew out my knee in a skiing accident. A ski bum by trade, the knee injury forced me to convalesce in Calistoga while I healed. My doctor told me to build up my quads by either swimming laps or riding a bike. After a couple of weeks in the pool I got bored with laps and decided to start riding my bike around the area. Now THAT was fun! I loved being outdoors in the fresh air and seeing all of the beauty of the area up close and personal. I rode all over–from Calistoga to the Coast and everywhere in between. After about a year my knee was finally healed, and it was just in time for my uncle’s annual wine-buying trip in the Napa Valley. He thought it would be a fun idea to make the rounds to his favorite wineries by bike (and I thought he was crazy!) However, on the trip my Uncle Teney taught me the finer points of sniffing, swirling, and sipping fine wine while I showed him the joy of a casual bike ride to the small, family-owned wineries he loved.

I realized what a magical combination we had discovered. When Uncle Teney got back home he told all of his colleagues about his bike wine trip, and in short order I got a call from someone else who wanted to repeat the magic. Three new groups came out and toured with me that season, and each trip was better than the last. As snow season approached, I got excited about returning to the slopes. I got a call from another one of Uncle Teney’s coworkers asking me to take a group on one of my tours, but I told him I couldn’t because I was headed back up to Tahoe. “You don’t understand,” he pleaded, “I’ve got my boss and some key clients coming with me and they are expecting this trip. They’ve heard so much about it! I’d even be willing to pay you!”

And AHA, the Getaway Bike Tour company was born. I thought Getaway Adventures was the perfect name because I wanted to take people on a trip that let them get away from it all–the stresses of life, the busyness of downtown, and I definitely wanted to stay away from the places where all of the big tour buses stopped–and focus on the beauty of Wine Country and the special small boutique wineries I had come to love.

We focused on our guests, and word steadily got out, and we grew into the premier Wine Country adventure tour company, changing our name in 1999 to Getaway Adventures. We also expanded our tours to include kayaking, hiking, and van tours. Our company enjoys a stellar reputation, and we work with all of the top hotels in the area as either their official tour provider or one of their preferred suppliers.

And here we are again, ever changing with the times, the different year that was 2020 led us here, to Wine Country Bikes! We are more than happy that we were able to acquire this business and combine it with Getaway Adventures to make for a one stop shop for all your rental and tour needs. Wine Country bikes will now serve primarily as the bike rentals side of things, while Getaway Adventures will serve as the corporate and adventure tours side. For whatever your needs may be, we have something here for you!